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Construction Update  300516 (2)

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Construction Update: May 30, 2016

Current and past construction activities.

  • Construction of the curling rink is now complete and is currently being wet cured.
  • Hoarding has been erected inside the existing lobby, ceilings have been removed and electrical and plumbing works are being installed within the ceiling space.
  • The large barrel roof over the pool is being insulated and water proofed.
  • External grading of parking lots is underway with concrete curbs about to start.

Look ahead construction activities.

  • The main Lap pool slab is being prepared for concrete.
  • Drywall is being planned to start over the coming weeks.
  • Floor topping in the existing building is due to start towards the end of June.

Cur ling rink concrete pour

Construction Update  300516 (2)




Aquatic lap pool slab with rebar and piping ready for concrete

Construction Update  300516 (1)

Construction Update: March 31, 2016

Current and past construction activities.

  • Pool concrete works are still underway.
  • The curling rink ceiling is nearly painted and preparations are being made for the rink slab.
  • Trenching and duct installation for incoming power is underway.
  • The main entrance window frame is nearly complete and glass is now being installed.
  • The aquatics washrooms and change room floor slab is poured and ready for masonry walls.

Look ahead construction activities.

  • The large mechanical unit which supplies air to the aquatics space will be installed early April.
  • Masonry walls to the aquatic washrooms and change rooms will start early April.
  • Ice rink works are being planned with a view to start late April.

Curling rink ceiling paint.

Construction Update  310316-1





Front entrance curtain wall frame being installed.

Construction Update  310316-2


Construction Update: February 29, 2016

Current and past construction activities:

  • Pool concrete works are underway.
  • The three TIAB units were successfully lifted on to the roof and bolted together.
  • Roofing is progressing well. The large roof over the Curling Rink is due to start.
  • Fire proofing to structural steel elements is underway in Curling.
  • Window frames and glass are being installed in the Curling areas.
  • Painting has started to Curling internal masonry walls.

Look ahead construction activities:

  • Drywall is due to start in Curling within a couple of weeks.
  • Further concrete slabs are being prepared and will be poured over the coming weeks.

TIAB units installed:




Pool concrete underway:


Cochrane aquatic centre gets Canada’s first self-contained thermal energy plant (plus BONUS behind-the-scenes photos!)

It’s a simple concept that makes Cochrane’s new aquatic and curling/multi-sport centre both innovative and efficient.

Crews installed Canada’s first thermal energy plant in a box (TIAB) by Thermenex at the Cochrane facility this week, marking a major milestone in the $45 million project.

Heating and cooling both take tremendous amounts of energy — in a facility where water needs to be both heated and frozen, thermal energy exchange can be used instead of traditional heating and cooling equipment to make the new facility more sustainable and less expensive to run. Other facilities have thermal exchange units, but Cochrane’s TIAB is Canada’s first prefabricated thermal energy plant in an self-contained, insulated structure installed directly on the roof.

Bonus photos!

Staircase in the new lobby:



Pool location:

Construction Update: January 28, 2016

Current and past construction activities.

  • The structural steel frame is now complete.
  • Roofing insulation has now started.
  • The remaining 2nd floor and roof deck is in progress and will be completed within a few weeks.
  • Outside wall panels are still in progress.

Look ahead construction activities.

  • Window frames will start to be installed over the coming weeks.
  • TIAB units will be lifted towards the end of February (date to be confirmed).
  • Fire spray to structural beams and deck will start shortly in Curling.

Structural steel completeConstruction Update  280116 1




Roof insulation in progress

Construction Update  280116 2


Construction Update: December 22, 2015

Christmas 2015 Wrap Up Construction Update.
We’ve had a busy year here on site with lots of activity and great progress. Here are some of the highlights achieved so far and some of the work we will be doing in the New Year.

Work complete or in progress:
Existing soils have been reconditioned and prepared for new structure.
Structural concrete footings and foundations are complete.
Structural steel is close to being 90% complete.
External masonry and wall panels are progressing.
Roofing has started over the Curling area.
Interior concrete slabs are roughly 70% done.
Internal masonry walls are approximately 50% complete.
Interior stud walls are progressing well and around 70% framed.
Mechanical, electrical and plumbing work are in progress throughout the building.
Fire protection piping is being piped throughout the structure.
Refrigeration equipment for the Curling rink is well underway.
Civils storm and sanitary piping is complete and connected to the mains.
Incoming underground water is complete.
Demolition of the existing concession and fitness room is well underway.

Work coming up in the New Year:
Complete the steel structure and deck.
Progress the roofing right across the entire building.
Lift the Thermenex mechanical units on to the roof.
Wrap the building in wall panels.
Install windows and glass.
Start the Curling Rink program.
Start the swimming pool work.
Final grading, roads and external works in the spring.
Trench for incoming power in the spring.
Prepare some areas of the building to receive finishes.

Aquatics structural steel in progress:

Construction Update  221215-1




Aquatics washrooms and shower areas in progress:

Construction Update  221215-2




Demolition work in progress inside existing fitness space:

Construction Update  221215-3




Curling change room corridor:

Construction Update  221215-4jpg

Construction Update: December 4, 2015

Current and past construction activities:

  • External sanitary, storm and water are complete. Site grading has started.
  • Roofing works have started over and around the curling rink area.
  • Structural steel for the Aquatics portion of the building is underway.

Look ahead construction activities:

  • The feature staircase for the main lobby is being fabricated and nearly ready for installation.
  • Aquatics washroom and change room floors are being prepared for concrete.
  • Further envelope wall panels will be installed over the coming weeks.

Roofing progress:

Construction Update  041215 (2)




Aquatics structural steel in progress:

Construction Update  041215 (1)

Construction Update: October 30, 2015

Current and past construction activities:

  • Excavations for incoming water has started and the grass has been stripped from the adjacent field.
  • Underground plumbing to the Aquatics shower areas is nearing completion.
  • Envelope panels have been installed around the Curling Rink.

Look ahead construction activities:

  • Structural steel over the pool portion of the building will start over the next few weeks.
  • Refrigeration equipment will start to be installed for the Curling ice sheet.
  • Strip out of portions of the existing building (where the new and old connect) will start over the coming weeks.

Envelope panels around Curling Arena:

Aquatics showers and change rooms underground plumbing:



Construction Update: October 9, 2015

Current and past construction activities.

  • Further concrete has been poured to the 2nd level deck designated for future tenants.
  • Underground plumbing for the Aquatics washrooms, showers and change rooms is being installed at present.
  • Reinforcement is complete at the main entrance lobby slab and is now ready for concrete next week.

Look ahead construction activities.

  • The remainder of the structural steel will start to be erected over the next week or two.
  • External wall panels are due to commence next week which will start to close in the building.
  • Final backfill around the outside of the building will be completed over the coming weeks.

Underground Plumbing for Aquatics washrooms, change rooms and shower areas.

Pic 1Construction Update  091015




Level 2 concrete deck poured for future tenant space.

Pic 2Construction Update  091015

Construction Update: September 11, 2015

Current and past construction activities.

  • Roof and level 2 steel deck is being installed at the Aquatics shower / locker room areas.
  • Curling Rink header trench is currently being formed.
  • Masonry and steel stud walls are both in progress in the Curling Rink.

Look ahead construction activities.

  • Further slabs will be poured in the main entrance lobby over the next couple of weeks.
  • Underground plumbing in the Aquatics washrooms will soon be starting soon.
  • Roof concrete slab will start to be prepared to receive the large Thermenex in a Box (TIAB) unit.

Sept 11-1






Sept 11-2

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